The-American-Indian-Ready-To-Wear-Catalog-2018 by Joey Clift and Janet Myer

Joey Clift, a member of the Cowlitz Indian tribe and his mother, Janet Myer, have created The American Indian Ready To Wear Catalog 2018, a comic “about all of the silly ways that Native Americans are represented in media in the form of a fashion catalogue”. “Working in the entertainment industry, it frustrates me to no end to see how little representation actual native culture has in popular media”, says Joey Clift, a comedy writer that has worked for DreamWorks, Cartoon Network and the UCB Theatre. “When we DO get representation, it’s almost always based on a very specific image of native people that hasn’t been accurate for hundreds of years if not just a straight up racist stereotype and the goal of the book is to shine a light on that.” From the Iron Eyes Cody Collection, you’ll find “Tears for the Environment” for the bargain price of FREE. From the Disney’s Pocahontas collection you’ll find “A Rewrite of History So John Smith is the Good Guy” with a 346.1 Million Box Office price tag. To check out more offerings from The American Indian Ready To Wear Catalog 2018, visit www.redcatpress.com.

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