The Canada Comics Open Library strongly denounces resolution R4.

For those who haven’t heard, at the Ontario PC Convention this past Saturday, there was a resolution calling for the removal of gender identity from Ontario schools. It was approved for further discussion. Policy Resolution R4 describes gender identity theory as a “highly controversial, unscientific ‘liberal ideology’”; it calls on the Ford government to remove the teaching and promotion of it in schools. This is not okay. This should not be up for debate, both because the existence of trans people is not up for question (they exist) and because the current research supports rich spectrums of both gender and sex.

This resolution attempts to invalidate trans experiences as real, lived experiences by suggesting that gender identity “is not real”. This resolution attacks trans people’s rights and freedoms, and will lead to further discrimination against the queer community, spreading transphobia into the PC party’s official policy and priorities in the legislature, and by extension, into Canadian communities and homes.

We support the queer community in Ontario and Canada. We will always make an effort to include diverse queer comics and voices in our collection. Get in touch with us any time to make recommendations for comics made by trans and queer creators that are missing from our collection. We will purchase these stories for the collection as soon as we are able to.

Trans creators, we want to hear your stories. We want young people to hear your stories.

In solidarity with the queer community in Ontario and Canada,


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