Carousel 40 (Summer, 2018)

Carousel 40 (Summer, 2018)

FEATURES / • This issue sets out to look beyond and honour the significant 10th anniversary milestone that Koyama Press, one of Canada’s most exciting graphic novel publishers, celebrated last year; we’ve evolved a good number of the issue’s features around their diverse talent pool! • our resident comics expert Sean Rogers interviews one of our favourite first-wave Koyama Press creators, Patrick Kyle, whose work has continually complicated and advanced over a series of full-length releases; Kyle’s solo illustrations and pattern works also decorate our issue’s endpapers • GG’s Unattainable is a 13-page full-colour comic; the work offers a mature and controlled comics experience, developed using clean lines and a constrained colour palette • Eric Schmaltz takes a look at the debut year of the Chaos & Star imprint, a BookThug audio side project where three press authors revisited their most recent books and individually collaborated with musicians who not only set their writing to music, but worked closely with them on composition and style • Sandy Pool’s The Ebbinghaus Illusion elegizes the death of her former partner, who suffered from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease; featuring a sequence of 8 texts, it’s the first official excerpt of Pool’s memoir-poem to be publicly released, taken from a much larger manuscript-in-progress [][][][] 4PANEL Supplement No. 14 / …This issue’s supplement guest stars a curated selection of Koyama Press artists: Cole Closser • Eleanor Davis • Sophia Foster-Domino • Noel Freibert • GG • Clayton Hanmer • Nathan Jurevicius • Aidan Koch • Hannah K. Lee • Aaron Leighton • Keiler Roberts • Alex Schubert • Ben Sears • Daryl Seitchik • Julia Wertz • Eric Kostiuk Williams + Poetry, Fiction & Artwork by: Alex Asher • Frank Beltrano • Jane Buyers • Mike Caesar • Chelsea Coupal • David Haskins • Julie Mannell • Neil Surkan

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