Future Shocks edited by Josh Burggraf

Future Shocks edited by Josh Burggraf

Future Shock Zero is a monumental comix anthology focusing loosely around the watchwords of SCI FI ASTRO PLUS. It is packed to the gills with talent from the razor’s edge of the thunderground. Your eyes will be bathed in the soothing glow of full color for all 136 pages of the spectacle contained within. Enjoy! – Josh Burggraf, editor Contributors: LALA ALBERT WILLIAM CARDINI MARINE BLANDIN JASON MURPHY VICTOR KERLOW ALEX DEGEN VINCENT GIARD PAT AULISIO KEREN KATZ ALEKS SENNWALD PETE TOMS SUNGYOON CHOI TORY SICA SOPHIA FOSTER-DIMINO BEN URKOWITZ ANUJ SHRESTHA JOSH BURGGRAF cover by JORDAN SPEER 136 color pages, 7.5 inches by 10.5 inches (190 mm by 267 mm)

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