Dirty Plotte #1 (Dirty Plotte, Number One) by Julie Doucet

Dirty Plotte #1 (Dirty Plotte, Number One) by Julie Doucet

Perhaps one of the only books to have received a tip of the hat from publications as diverse as Ms. and Screw, Dirty Plotte was for eight years a forum for Julie Doucet’s irrepressible comics. These intensely-drawn strips explore some of Doucet’s deepest and most bizarre fantasies: from masturbation with cookies (given to her by her mother, of course!), to various unlikely scenarios of her life as a man. In later issues, Doucet explored more complex themes: these stories of love, passion, and seemingly endless cycles of bad relationships are told with an unflinching candor and honesty and drawn with Doucet’s characteristic eye for obsessive detail. (publisher website)

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