What Right? Graphic Interpretations Against Censorship edited by Robin Fisher

What Right? Graphic Interpretations Against Censorship edited by Robin Fisher

What Right? and its adult-themed companion What’s Wrong? are graphic interpretations of what it means to live in a society where we presumably enjoy the right to free speech, and what happens when that right is -challenged. What Right? collects comic art that confronts the serious issues around the denial of civil rights and freedom of speech in particular, and includes work by such familiar artists as Dan -Piraro (Bizarro), Bill Griffith (Zippy the Pinhead) and many others. A fundraising project for the Little Sister’s Defence Fund (to assist the Vancouver gay and lesbian bookstore’s legal challenge to the customs seizures they’ve been plagued by for the last 15 years), Arsenal Pulp Press is donating all proceeds over and above its production costs, and all individuals involved have donated their time, energy, and creative talents to create two marvelous collections of engaging comic art. With an introduction by author Mark Macdonald, buyer for Little Sister’s Book & Art Emporium. Front cover illustration by Bryan Talbot, back cover illustration byb Josue Menjiver, inside front cover illustration by Jeff Ellis, back cover illustration by Brian Wood Robin Fisher is a comic activist in Vancouver.

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