Content warning: this post relates to the terrorist attacks this past weekend and earlier in March.

Our most recent library display for the month of May follows in the wake of another anti-Semitic, racist, white-nationalist terrorist attack when a man filled with hate entered the Chabad of Poway Synagogue in San Diego and opened fire during the last day of Passover. This resulted in one murder and the injury of Jews in prayer, including children. This happened not long after the horrific Christchurch shooting in New Zealand in March, when a shooter killed 50 people in two mosques.

We stand with the Jewish and Muslim communities in solidarity against antisemitism, Islamophobia, and racism, condoning hate crimes of any kind.

In the circumstance of our current political and social climate and in response to recent tragedies within Jewish, Muslim, and other marginalized communities, it is vital that we create space for these voices and experiences to be visible.

This post highlights our current library display; it is a celebration of diverse experiences in Muslim, Arab, and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) communities, in addition to Asian Heritage Month and Jewish Heritage Month.

Visit our library and read these stories. If you are able to, buy them from your local comic book shop or direct from artists’ websites. Check them out from your local public library. Request that they be ordered in to your local library and bookstores.

A fund has been setup to help the victims and their families of the recent terrorist attack, which you can donate to here:

Library Display

The following comics are currently on display at CCOL in celebration of Jewish Heritage Month, Asian Heritage Month, and Muslim, Arab, and MENA (Middle East North Africa) narratives. Come visit us and read these wonderful comics. Click on the covers for summaries, and visit our online catalogue for more information.

Asian Comics

Muslim, Arab and MENA Comics

Jewish Comics



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