365 Days A Diary by Julie Doucet

365 Days A Diary by Julie Doucet

Now exhibiting internationally, acclaimed artist Julie Doucet blurs the boundaries between high art, illustration, craft and comics. 365 Days is imbued with the same iconic talent and studied aesthetic as is her seminal comic book series Dirty Plotte, which catapulted her into the position of being one of the world’s greatest cartoonists. This visual journal, started in late 2002, is an idiosyncratic collision of her various creative interests and the story of her journeys into printmaking and beyond. It chronicles her maturation as a mid-career artist and her entry into a broader arts community. Where panel borders once divided pages, collage creeps in; events and doodles merge; recollection and narrative blend with the abstract. The surreal neurosis of her comics has subsided to reveal a more relaxed creativity, unrestricted by form or definition. It’s as engaging as ever. 365 Days was excerpted in McSweeney’s #13.

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