Drawing the Line Again Another Book of Comics Benefiting Cancer Research edited by Suley Fattah

Drawing the Line Again Another Book of Comics Benefiting Cancer Research edited by Suley Fattah

“In 2002 Suley Fattah, a famulus (magician’s assistant), illustrator and comic book collector, was diagnosed as having Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His friend Ron Boyd gave him a drawing (seen on the cover of DTL) for his 40th birthday in 2003 and the image gave Suley the idea of compiling a collection of comic strips into a book to raise money for the Sick Children Foundation and Princess Margaret Hospital, thus ‘giving back’ a gift to the community. Suley persuaded many big names in Canadian comics, and some from the US and Europe to take part: the book includes contributions from Chester Brown, Dave Sim, Dean Motter, Stan Sakai, Moebius and others. The project has, to date, raised more than CD$50,000 with all proceeds going to the chosen foundations. As might be expected, there is a diverse range of work in the book, from stand-alone drawings to multi-page stories. Some have specifically medical subject matter (such as ‘The History of My Guts’ by Marcel Guldemond), some not, some are funny, some tragic and some plain surreal, one of my favourites of the latter variety being Chip Zdarsky’s ‘Prison Funnies’. In 2006 Suley produced a second compilation, this time of 150 pages, entitled Drawing the Line Again. It has some great work in it, I particularly like Kagan McLeod’s Dr Yesteryear in “Let it Bleed”. Drawing the Line was a 104-page anthology which came out in May 2004.It was done in conjunction with Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto and contains work by many of Canada’s foremost cartoonists, some American artists and French Comics master, Moebius. There was a follow up, Drawing the Line Again, which was published a year later and included work by Clive Barker and Jean-Claude Gotting. The goals of the Book of Comics project were: to raise awareness of health and well-being through graphic novel storytelling; to raise significant funds for cancer research at renowned institutions; to partner new comic book artists with seasoned professionals; and to introduce and share graphic novels as an art form with new readers by enabling those unfamiliar with comics in discovering this medium.” ( https://www.graphicmedicine.org/comic-reviews/drawing-the-line-a-book-of-comics-benefiting-cancer-research/ )

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