Eat More Comics The Best of the Nib edited by Matt Bors

Eat More Comics The Best of the Nib edited by Matt Bors

The Nib has published some of the best slightly sweetened comic puffs on the internet. Now on the shelf in real life for the first time, this ‘best of’ collection is a necessary part of a balanced comics diet. Inside you’ll find 300 pages of scrumptious comics journalism, editorial cartoons, and personal essays fortified with insights and humor to help you grow strong bones and teeth probably. Includes: “Modern Curses” by Gemma Correll, “The First Scientist” by Ruben Bolling, “Six Totally Easy Tips for Millennials to Get Ahead” by Rich Stevens, “Am I Going to Get Raped?” by Liza Donnelly, “Captain Kirk vs The Internet” by Tom Tomorrow, “Stop Global Warming Now?” by Scott Bateman, AND MORE!

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