Expedition by Kaisa Leka and Chritoffer Leka

Expedition by Kaisa Leka and Chritoffer Leka

“Iceland was cold. Much colder than we expected. And rainier. Yet for some strange reason, unbeknownst even to ourselves, we had taken upon us the task of encircling this magical island by bicycles. And cycle we did. Through the lava fields surrounding Keflavik, across the sandy flatlands of the South, along the fjords by the Eastern coast and the desolate regions in the North. In all kinds of weather. But mostly bad.While thus shivering from the cold in our small tent after a day of riding, writing a book about our experiences was very far from our thoughts. Our main goal being getting back home in one piece.But eventually, and, it must be added, despite our best resistance, a book grew out of our journey. And perhaps rightly so. For if the indeed exists, like the poet Mallarm√© reputedly said, solely for the purpose of becoming a book, then surely Iceland deserves one more glorifying her!” (http://expedition3.com/) The author got her both legs amputated in 2002 because of a serious malformation. She, however says, prosthetic feet have given her a new freedom to enjoy life and exercise, and she’s done several long bike trips. This comic is about she and her partner’s bike trips in Iceland.

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