This will be an hour long presentation (with intermission) about how to make webcomics. Jey will include tools, computer programs, websites to post to and how to promote yourself.

Afterwards there will be a Q&A and a workshop. Bring any questions involving comics or self-publishing you might be wondering about.
If you’re up for more after that, Jey will be hosting a workshop for the remainder of the time for comic making!

“Bring any comic ideas with you and we’ll all work on comics together, whether that’s writing your pitch or outline, thumbnailing, or going straight to inking a page. I’ll be walking around asking about what your working on and giving advice or answering more questions.”

Facilitator bio: Jey Pawlik is a queer/nonbinary comic artist. They are the artist for Topaz Comics and the webcomics “Dead City” and “Gender Slices”, as well as several anthologies (We’re Still Here: A Trans Anthology and SCORE!). They love pens, birds and sharks!Jey is well-known as a strong voice for nonbinary and trans people, they are active in the queer community and hope to teach others through their comics.

This event will be free and is open to all ages.

CCOL is located at CSI Regent Park in the Daniels Spectrum building, 3rd floor, 585 Dundas Street East, Toronto. CCOL is wheelchair accessible.

This program is produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.

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