A post about the D.I.Y. Comics School in Toronto!

“The D.I.Y. Comics School meets the first Monday of most months with the goal of working together to provide a continuing comics education. Each month a different member of the community takes the roll of “Dean of the Month” and facilitates that month’s session. Meetings take place at the Canada Comics Open Library. Open to everyone and anyone interested in creating comics! To join in on discussions and keep up-to-date about upcoming meetings, join the Ontario Comics Clubhouse Discord, an online comics community and discussion forum created by the D.I.Y. Comics School.

This month’s meetup will take place TONIGHT at 6:30pm in the lounge at the Centre for Social Innovation/ at the comics library! Marta Chudolinska will be facilitating a discussion about the process of printing comics, including different methods of printing, how to lay things out in publishing software, as well as a short and simple sewing for binding a comic or zine. “Bring some paper if you’d like to make a sketchbook with the exact paper you like, or I’ll have some basic printer paper on hand. Also, feel free to bring a zine, comic or book that is printed or assembled in a way you admire and we can try to figure out how it was made.”

If you arrive after 7pm, please contact the group on the Ontario Comics Clubhouse Discord, as the public doors close at 7pm.

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