On Friday April 23rd at 7pm EST, Canada Comics Open Library (CCOL) hosted our 5th Comics Out Loud with Hello Boyfriend members Jade Armstrong, Keelin Gorlewski, Victor Martins, and Christine Wong!

Artist bios:

“Jade Armstrong is a cartoonist specializing in slice-of-life and humour. They like swimming, municipal politics, and long walks on the beach. Their middle-grade contemporary graphic novel, “Scout is Not A Band Kid” is set to release Spring 2022 from Random House Graphic.” Website: https://jelajade.com/

“Keelin is an illustrator from toronto. She draws comics with her friends HELLO BOYFRIEND. She knows where a lot of countries are and she can eat her own weight in salmon nigiri but doesn’t like to.” Website: https://www.keelin-g.com/

“Victor Martins is a cartoonist and illustrator living and working in Toronto. Currently, they are working with PEOW on their first full-length graphic novel, “Stay”, about being a small alien inside a big robot and also in love. Their life goal is to defeat their nemesis, French racing driver and 2020 Formula Renault Eurocup Champion Victor Martins.” Website: https://www.vicomart.com/

“Christine Wong is a Canadian cartoonist from Toronto. She likes to draw comics about her life, and wants to make you laugh. She is currently masquerading as an English teacher while she gathers material for her next book.” Website: https://onechrispy.com/comics

Find out more about Hello Boyfriend over here!: https://helloboyfriend.itch.io/

Thank you to CCOL board member and cartoonist Jordan Reg. Aelick for hosting!

Comics Out Loud is a series of comics read-out-loud events prioritizing creators of marginalized genders and BIPOC creators. It is our hope that this and similar projects can also connect blind and visually impaired comics readers with comics and community.

Applications are closed for this year but you can read more about the project here: https://www.canadacomicsol.org/get-involved/comics-out-loud-2020-2021/

Comics Out Loud is supported by a grant from the Ontario Arts Council.

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