A photograph of Lorena’s event poster on a table top surrounded by comics pages beneath as well as a small black notebook, a small and large binder clip, grey Staedtler pen, and well worn pencil. The event poster says in spooky black and orange bold font: “WHY DO WE MAKE STUFF?” Below this heading, in black comics font with an orange shadow, the poster says: “Casual Comics Chat Tuesday May 31st 7-8:30ish (pajamas and snacks encouraged).” Below this the text continues in black: Come and hang out with comics making friends, and let’s discuss how we got into comics, and what we want out of them. No wrong answers, only hangouts. Hosted by Lorena Torres Loaiza at CCOL (over Zoom, link in bio!). Transparent orange, yellow and blue shapes softly overlay the image.

CCOL 2022 May residency event: Why do we make stuff? A casual comics chat on May 31st!

We are thrilled to share this lovely event happening this Tuesday May 31st! This Tuesday, join Lorena Torres Loaiza for an informal conversation and hangout all about the reasons we make comics! Where?: Zoom, with info on how to join below. This event is free, with no need to register. Live captioning will be provided. Artist bio: Lorena Torres Loaiza was born in Bogota, Colombia, and grew up in Canada. She works in comics, illustration, theatre design, and fiction, sometimes…

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April Residency Final Post – The Importance of Fancomics

Hello Everyone! It’s Rhael! Thanks for being patient for my final post of my residency! When I started the residency I was picking out my recommended books when I realized a common theme in my zine collection- I own a lot of fan comics & fan zines. At first I set them all aside because I thought they wouldn’t be really appropriate to suggest since they contain characters from other works- but as I thought about it more, I couldn’t…

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Lorena Comic Picks – May Residency – How do you create? Why do you create?

How do you create? Why do you create? So for my month at CCOL, I’m wondering about why we make comics. By that, I mean considering different priorities creators may have: artistry, originality, storytelling, honesty.  Each of these could lead someone to very different types of work and career paths. This seems like an important question, because while there is no one right way to be a creator, there may be a right way for a specific person to do…

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