COMICS VERSES EVERYBODY – Gillian Blekkenhorst’s Comic Book Creator Residency Blog Post

COMICS VERSES EVERYBODY I work in a lot of different media. Comics is one I’ve been working in the longest. Comics gives me something specific and vital that I can’t get from other media. I’m going to tell you about the things I’ve made in my life, and then I’m going to expand on why making comics is something that’s stuck with me through all of it. My earliest illustrated opuses were a book chronicling the somewhat dull adventures of…

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Sami Alwani’s Book Shelf Curation for the Comic Book Creator Residency

It was really a pleasure to get to curate a selection of my favorite comic books to disply in the CCOL lounge this summer. I could very easily write for hours about every one of these spectacular books, but since I’ve been asked to prepare only a blogpost and not a novel, I’ve decided to focus on just three. All of these books were released by small-press publishers with limited runs and smaller distribution networks than some of the more…

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A Home for Comics

I’m not sure where the time goes. A month in residency at CCOL, prep time for TCAF, TCAF itself…all came and went, like a colourful stampede. It’s been a great time, but only now am I able to take a second to digest some of the experiences I had. Having had a chat with Jordan and in creating my comic for the residence, I was in love with this idea of “A home for comics”. In Toronto, there are a…

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