From cover of Amadioha #1 (Tobe Max Ezeogu and Kelechi Isaac Nwaogwugwu)

Spotlight on Comic Republic and the Nigerian Comics Industry

While I visited Nigeria this past Christmas, I was awed by how much the local arts and entertainment industry had grown. Nollywood keeps soaring to the second biggest movie industry in the world, and likewise the growth of the comics industry in Nigeria is remarkable. As a Nigerian secondary school student, the only Nigerian comics I knew about were the political cartoons in the newspapers, and Supa Strikas, a football (soccer) themed comic that soon lost its unique Nigerian identity…

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Assigned Male by Sophie LaBelle

Queer Canadian Webcomics

Hello comics community! Although it is no longer Pride month, any time is a good time to celebrate the accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community to Canadian society, while acknowledging the challenges and strides they have gone through as a community. The arts and creative industry serve as a good example of the LGBTQ+ contribution to Canada. A medium like webcomics, where there are no networks or corporate editors limiting creative content, allows for more queer content than what may be…

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