Rhael Mcgregor

April Residency Final Post – The Importance of Fancomics

Hello Everyone! It’s Rhael! Thanks for being patient for my final post of my residency! When I started the residency I was picking out my recommended books when I realized a common theme in my zine collection- I own a lot of fan comics & fan zines. At first I set them all aside because I thought they wouldn’t be really appropriate to suggest since they contain characters from other works- but as I thought about it more, I couldn’t…

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Rhael’s Comic Picks – April Residency

Hi Everyone! Taanishi! My name is Rhael and I’m April’s resident comic maker! I’m a comic artist and animator working in Toronto, and I’m originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba! (You should check out our awesome comic scene in the prairies!) I wanted to give a quick run down of all the books I recommended on the CCOL bookcase! I have all the information and descriptions available in person when you visit but I didn’t have enough space to share my feelings…

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