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Material Type: Book
Collection: Comics
Call Number: IND BIO QUI2013
Title: Gandhi: My Life is my Message
Remainder of title:
Personal name: Quinn, Jason (Author), Nagar, Sachin (Illustrator, colourist) and Sharma, Vijay (Colourist) and Sherawat, Pradeep (Colourist)
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Additional Bibliographic Information:
Topical term or geographic name as entry element: Biographical
Name of publisher, distributor, etc.: Kalyani Navyug Media
Date of publication, distribution, etc.: 2013
Other physical details: softcover, paperback, colour
Summary, etc. note: How did this shy, unassuming lawyer transform himself into the leader of India’s freedom movement? Renouncing wealth, ambition and comfort, Gandhi led by example, becoming one with the people he sought to free, facing imprisonment, hardship and humiliation while never raising his voice in anger. His strategy of nonviolent protest would become the model for the US civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr. and continues to change history throughout the world. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as the Mahatma or Great Soul, took on the might of the British Empire armed only with a message of love and non-violence. In Gandhi: My Life is my Mesasge, we discover the man behind the legend, following him from his birth in the Indian coastal town of Porbandar in 1869, to the moment of his tragic death at the hands of an assassin in January 1948, just months after the Independence of India.
Expansion of summary note: race, history, power, cultural, Gandhi, activism, BIPOC, people of colour, PoC, religion, religious leaders, India, Indian, biography, leaders, spirituality, politics, non-violent protest, civil rights, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Source of acquisition: Candida Rifkind
Method of acquisition: Donation
Date of acquisition: July, 2019
: ../pictures/Gandhi_ my life is my message.jpg
: 18.95

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