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Material Type: Book
Collection: Comics
Call Number: CAN EVFIC SET2004
Title: Clyde Fans: Book One
Remainder of title:
Personal name: Seth
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Topical term or geographic name as entry element: Everyday Fiction
International Standard Book Number: 9781896597843
Name of publisher, distributor, etc.: Drawn and Quarterly
Date of publication, distribution, etc.: 2004
Summary, etc. note: Just along King Street at number 159 you will find the old storefront of the Clyde Fans Company. It's been locked up for years now and most people would naturally assume that it's completely abandoned. Look closer. Peer in through the display window into the dimly lit office and there on the far wall you will just be able to make out the black and white photographs of a pair of rather grim looking businessmen: Abraham and Simon Matchcard. If you were to go in further—back through that battered safety door and into the living and work spaces of the old building you would pass into the hidden world that has sustained these lonely brothers for more than five decades. In this, the first of two books, you will meet the Matchcard brothers and follow them through their journeys of disappointments, loss, and isolations. Two salesmen who have failed to "close."
Expansion of summary note: salesman, photographs, family history, film noir, 1990s, 1950s, social commentary, fictional memoir, Canadian, Canada
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