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Material Type: Book
Collection: Comics
Call Number: US SPECFIC DAR2008
Title: Gasoline
Remainder of title:
Personal name: Darcy, Dame
Statement of responsibility, etc.:
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Additional Bibliographic Information:
Topical term or geographic name as entry element: Speculative Fiction
International Standard Book Number: 9781858944425
Name of publisher, distributor, etc.: Merrell Publishers Limited
Date of publication, distribution, etc.: 2008
Other physical details: hardcover
Summary, etc. note: At the height of a society governed by corporate greed and corruption, a fiery apocalypse rains down. Among the few survivors are the Armbusters, a family of orphaned witches. Establishing a utopian commune, they uphold their position of power through the maintenance of their car, the only remaining working automobile. The Armbusters' search for precious gasoline pits them against the conniving nihilists who lurk in the decaying urban sprawl, and they learn to adopt new, alternative means of survival to which they had been blind while caught up in a life of materialism. Written and illustrated by the cult artist Dame Darcy, Gasoline is a rollicking, eco-conscious, gothic fairy tale of danger and suspense, heartbreak and redemption, and above all the perseverance of magic and love.
Expansion of summary note: feminist, witchcraft, mermaid, musician, occult, Victorian, gothic, punk, environmentalist, fantasy, USA, American, United States, women, environmental issues, social criticism
Source of acquisition: Rotem Diamant
Method of acquisition: Donation
Date of acquisition: 2019
: ../pictures/Gasoline by Dame Darcy .jpg
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