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Material Type: Book
Collection: Comics
Call Number: US SPECFIC GAL2014
Title: In the Sounds and Seas Volume 2
Remainder of title:
Personal name: Galloway, Marnie
Statement of responsibility, etc.:
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Additional Bibliographic Information:
Topical term or geographic name as entry element: Speculative Fiction
International Standard Book Number: 9780692280478
Name of publisher, distributor, etc.: Monkey-Rope Press
Date of publication, distribution, etc.: 2014
Other physical details: softcover, thin format
Volume number/sequential designation: 2
Summary, etc. note: The second of three volumes of Marnie Galloway’s In The Sounds and Seas has arrived, and it is as beautiful and enigmatic as the first. In this volume, our three characters, the boat builder, the object gatherer (with her magical suitcases), and their navigator embark on their voyage across the seas to find their creation. If you thought the first volume’s art was breath-taking, you’re going to need a ventilator in order to read this comic. In meticulous detail, every object has a texture and a weight to it. Volume two also carries a stronger emotional weight to it: the navigator literally connects herself to the vessel she leads, by having her hair braided with the ship’s lines, we get glimpses of the ship-builder’s reluctance to leave her home for this journey, and a dark omen at the end of this chapter leaves us with the dreaded sense that maybe none of them should have embarked on this journey.
Expansion of summary note: women, Chicago, Texas, USA, American, United States, surreal, fantasy, ornate, intricate, patterns, braids, sea, ship, thin format, wordless narrative, no words
Source of acquisition: Rotem Diamant
Method of acquisition: Donation
Date of acquisition: September, 2018
: ../pictures/In the Sounds and Seas by Marnie Galloway.jpg
: 13

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