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Material Type: Book
Collection: Comics
Call Number: CAN SPECFIC LOV2017
Title: Nice Try Comics - A "Best of" Mini-Gallery
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Personal name: Love, Terence
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Topical term or geographic name as entry element: Speculative Fiction
Summary, etc. note: These comics are "dusty" because they've been lying around for many years largely unseen. Long ago, far away, I aspired to become a syndicated cartoonist. For over a decade in my 20's/30's, I pursued the quest - developing the craft, offering "submissions", accumulating rejections, getting some published along the way, attracting encouraging interest from a syndicate or two. There were obstacles, long stretches of time when attentions were unavoidably elsewhere, as well as distinct periods of prolific output...until finally, the endeavor ran it's course in my life by the mid-1990's. Alas, newspaper syndication was not to be. Some work from this time was later lost, some survived. Maybe all a minor matter in the grander scheme of things, but best they be shared freely online now with more people than might ever have seen them syndicated in pre-internet days than be collecting dust. So here they are. I've since become interested in a different kind of drawing, other creative pursuits. And given my present orientation to the world, any future endeavor toward creating comics would probably be more underground and a lot less mainstream than newspaper syndication. A more elaborate site is on the "to do" list to feature more of the story/more of the work at a later time. These twelve are some of the "best of" and were drawn between 1990-95. -Terence Love February, 2014
Expansion of summary note: underground, single panel, humour, self-published, mini, zine, short stories, Toronto, Canada, Canadian, Ontario, 1990s, surreal, punchline, wacky
Method of acquisition: Donation
Date of acquisition: October, 2018
: ../pictures/Nice Try Comics by Terrence Love.jpg

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