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Material Type: Book
Collection: Comics
Call Number: CAN SPECFIC TIT2018
Title: 100+
Remainder of title:
Personal name: Titov, Denis
Statement of responsibility, etc.:
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Topical term or geographic name as entry element: Speculative Fiction
International Standard Book Number: 9781775191209
Name of publisher, distributor, etc.: self-published
Date of publication, distribution, etc.: 2018
Other physical details: softcover, paperback, large format
Summary, etc. note: The book 100+ is a collection of my best hand-drawn pieces from 2015-2017, featuring humanoid robots, mechanical suits, exoskeletons and endoskeletons, biomechanical organisms and more. I use various mediums in my drawings, including graphite sticks and pencils; colored and watercolor pencils; crow quill, brush and fineliner pens; art markers; gouache; India and acrylic ink; Chinese ink sticks; charcoal and watercolor. My hope is that this book will serve as a source of inspiration for character designers, comic book and concept artists, illustrators, game artists and all those who are interested in comic art, science fiction and cartooning. I am a self-taught concept artist, storyteller and character designer. Correspondingly, I created this book as a character gallery, where the drawings transition from one state to another — to a more perfect state, from a specific qualitative state to a new one, from the simple to the complex and from smaller details to large-scale design elements. The idea is that the quality of my work reaches a new level with every piece. My work for this book dates back to the spring of 2015. I was inspired by the complexity of motorcycles’ and cars’ internal mechanisms, their engines, gears, wires, cables, suspensions, exhaust systems and more. Constant sketching and imitating introduced me to a crucial element of my style — the exposed areas of the machine’s body that show its inner workings and how the engine runs. This sense of exposure allows multiple details to flow from the inside of the robot’s body, resulting in unique abstract compositions. Overall, I was inspired by a number of visual sources, in addition to my education. Car, motorcycle and engine service manuals, as well as and guides to perspective drawing, dynamic drawing and both human and expressive anatomy proved the most useful. Ultimately, this book blends all these items and is designed to help others realize their own creative process if they run out of ideas or need a new source of inspiration. Simply flip through the pages.
Expansion of summary note: concept art, mechanical, robots, illustration, character design, humanoid, motorcycles, cars, engines, gears, wires, cables, experimental, sketchbook, self-published, zine, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Canadian
Source of acquisition: Broken Pencil Magazine
Method of acquisition: Donation
Date of acquisition: November, 2018
: ../pictures/100 by Denis Titov.jpg
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