Comics Databases

Queer Cartoonists Database
An amazing resource that spotlights marginalized comics creators. The Queer Cartoonists Database was created/ is  maintained by cartoonist MariNaomi.



Queer Comics Database
Created by Aydin Kwan and Le Button as a Capstone project for the University of Washington’s iSchool program, with support from Geeks OUT.

Cartoonists of Color Database
An amazing resource that spotlights marginalized comics creators. The Cartoonists of Color Database was created/ is maintained by cartoonist MariNaomi.

Webcomic Library
An online database of webcomics that links to online comics! Searchable by language, genre, lgbt+, disabilities, and character representation (characters who are from marginalized communities)


Disabled Cartoonists Database
"The Cartoonists of Color, Queer Cartoonists, and Disabled Cartoonists databases were created and are maintained by cartoonist MariNaomi as a way to spotlight marginalized comics creators.

Indigenous Comics and Graphic Novels: An Annotated Bibliography
Created by Taylor Daigneault (Métis), Amy Mazowita, Candida Rifkind, and Camille Callison (Tahltan)

Canadian Cartoonists Database
A database for Canadian cartoonists working in various industries, from independent cartoonists and zinesters to inkers and letterers working on series abroad

Poop Sheet Foundation: Mini-Comics History Archive
"A virtual archive of mini-comics, fanzines, small press comics, newave comix and related items. The physical archive, housed at PF headquarters, is being built with personal acquisitions as well as generous donations from supporters."

Canadian ComicBook Wiki
Fantastic wiki which aims to catalogue all independent comic books made by Canadians!

Women On Panels
"Highlighting the work of women and non-binary folks in and around comics studies."

Creator Databases
Women in Comics: Artists via Rogues Portal
Women in Comics: Writers via Rogues Portal
Women in Comics: Colourists via Rogues Portal
Women in Comics: Letterers via Rogues Portal
Woman in Comics: Editors via Rogues Portal



Women Who Draw
"An open directory of female* professional illustrators, artists and cartoonists. *trans-inclusive and includes women, trans and gender non-conforming illustrators."

Database of Indigenous Creators
Maintained by Stephanie Cooke

Convention Database Sign-Up for Women, Trans, and Non-Binary Comic Creators
Maintained by artist Jenn St. Onge and creator Stephanie Cooke.

Comic Book and Pop Culture Web Sites
"We’ve compiled a list of web sites that cover comic books, and pop culture topics. Hopefully these will help you find good people to help with coverage of your exciting project!"

 OCAD U Zine Library
Database on Shared Shelf Commons


Comic Book DB
The Comic Book Database

GCD (Grand Comics Database)
International Database of Printed Comics

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