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Blind Panels
The inclusive geek podcast, created by Comics Empower, the comic book store for the blind.

The Comic Book Workshop
A Podcast all about making comics - with in-depth discussions on craft, and interviews with creators ranging from A-List to Small Press and everything in between.

Comic Lab
"The podcast about making comics, and making a living from comics! If you loved Webcomics Weekly, you're gonna love this show: It's half shop-talk, half how-to, and half friendship. WE SQUEEZED IN THREE HALVES. It's tips and tricks and all the joys of cartooning as a pro."

The Comics Alternative Podcast
A weekly podcast focusing on the world of alternative, independent, and primarily non-superhero comics

The Comics Experience Make Comics podcast
"provides 15 minutes of advice per episode on all aspects of creating comics and breaking in to the industry."

Comics Manifest Podcast
"a podcast that interviews amazing and influential creators in comics. Guests share their creative journey, express what excites them today, share their worst creative moment and most memorable successes."

Comics Podcast Network
"The Comics Podcast network is a collection of comics book podcasters, looking to assist and spread the word of our fellow podcasters in any way, shape or form." So, DOZENS more podcasts related to comics!

Comics Verse
"We use comics' platform to discuss social issues and promote acceptance and tolerance."

Creative Pep Talk
For creators. "Andy J. Pizza is here to help you find your creative gift, develop it and connect it to the audience that needs it most. Creative Pep Talk will put the pep in your step that you need to keep going and find your creative career breakthrough."

Drawing a Dialogue
is a podcast discussing comics in historical + educational contexts by Cathy G. Johnson + e jackson.

Graphic Medicine Podcast
A podcast about the role that comics can play in the study and delivery of healthcare.

Graphic Policy Podcast
"Each week Graphic Policy hits the airwaves to talk comics, movies, and television, all with a mix of politics thrown in. You don’t have to listen to the on demand archive though. You can catch each episode LIVE when they air each Monday at 10pm ET."



"Hosted by Robin McConnell and rotated cast of sidekicks, Inkstuds explores the underbelly of the comic world, interviewing some of today’s top creators. Inkstuds focuses on underground and indy comix from publishers like Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Drawn and Quarterly and more."

Iron Circus Geekshow
"a weekly podcast with Spike, Kel McDonald, and Amanda Lafrenais! And every Sunday, Spike and Matt play Vintage Story!"

Make it then tell everybody
"I’m interested in the way that comic artists work, what they think about the process of making comics and how they go about making a living from that."



Created by Deb Aoki, David Brothers, Christopher Butcher, and Chip Zdarsky/Steven Murray. Edited by David Brothers.

Off Panel
"A weekly interview show where host David Harper welcomes guests from comics and beyond to talk the stories behind what they do."

Panel Culture Podcast
"Brought to you by Charles, Owen, and George, Panel Culture is a comics podcast for and by comics lovers."

Podcast The Animated Series
"The AID (Adventures in Design) Network podcast where two grown men watch cartoons with friends and try to decide if our childhoods really did suck."

Process Party
"Study Group Comics has a podcast! Join hosts Zack Soto (Secret Voice, Power Button) & Mike Dawson (Rules For Dating My Daughter, Troop 142) as they discuss their own creative processes, comic art, family life, and a ton of other stuff."

Put A Blurb On It
"is where Ardo and Yash chat about all things related to books and comics. They interview industry folks and occasionally play games."

Radio Free Krypton
Hosts Justin Chandler, Jacob Dubé and Mitchell Thompson interview comic creators and talk comics. Broadcast on CJRU 1280 AM in Toronto.

Read and Distribute
Exploring zine culture, DIY makers, and the independent arts. From Broken Pencil Magazine.

The Sidekick Podcast
"Comic books, kaiju, & other things nerd! Hosted by Matt, Chris, & Friends"

Thick Lines Podcast
A comics podcast by Sally Madden and Katie Skelly.

Story Planet Podcast
"The Story Planet Podcast is an auditory adventure made by kids for kids (and the adults who love them)."

Speech Bubble Podcast
"The podcast that goes one-on-one with the writers, artists, retailers, publishers, critics and journalists inside the Toronto comic book scene.. Available  on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play or wherever you get your podcast needs met. Follow @speechbubblepod everywhere. Get in touch if you review them on Apple Podcast and get a free comic.  speechbubblepod@gmail.com"

Features on Comics

For the Love of Comics
"For the Love of Comics celebrates the breadth and depth of the comics medium by looking at our favourites. Featuring introductions and overviews, as well as comparisons, analyses, and more, we hope to speak to both new readers as well as aficionados!"

Library and Archives Canada Episode 22 Guardians of the North: Comic Books in Canada
"In this episode, we speak with comic book historians Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey about their work and LAC’s role in it. We also talk to special collections librarian Meaghan Scanlon who takes us deep into the comic book collection, and tells us what can be found there and online."

New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium
"A weekly symposium for artist/writers working in various text-image forms: comics, picture-stories, animation, etc. at which to present and critique current work. The symposium will examine new ideas for the distribution of print and electronic work that move beyond the existing models of publishing and advertising. We will re-examine the relationship between readers and autographic writers. Emphasis will be placed on self-initiated work and the development of a self-sustaining economic model for such work. The symposium will offer an ongoing place to learn and think about the traditions and future of text-image work." All events are free and open to the public.

Noah Van Sciver YouTube comics videos
"The video channel of Noah Van Sciver; cartoonist, illustrator, graphic novelist, award and accolade collector." Features really great interviews with cartoonists and insight into making comics.

The Secret Life of Canada S3 episode: Crash Course on Superheroes!
"From Captain Newfoundland to Shaman and Alpha Flight, what can some of the most iconic Indigenous and Canadian Superheroes tell us about our history? Turns out, quite a lot."

Superheroes to call our own
CBC Digital Archives: "Many people know the role Canadian-born, and U.S.-raised, artist Joe Shuster played in the creation of Superman. But fewer are aware of our own home grown heroes, The Canadian Whites, a lineup of comics written, drawn and published by Canadians in the 1940s."

"On WednesdayNightReviews, we examine the most recent comics, graphic novels, books, games, TV series, or movies that involve your favourite heroes! Your host, Konrad, has read thousands of comics and graphic novels over the last 20 years. For the last 5 years he has reviewed comics with DCComicNews.com where he has also had the pleasure of interviewing some of your favorite writes and artists!"

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