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Mazinbiige Indigenous Graphic Novel Collection
At University of Manitoba (Mazinbiige is an Anishinabe word meaning beautiful images and writing). "Mazinbiige Indigenous Graphic Novels Collection was developed by the first Indigenous Library Services Librarian, Camille Callison, and is located in the Reserve area at Elizabeth Dafoe Library, will provide students with an unconventional way to explore Indigenous stories and combat stereotypes." List of graphic novels and comic books currently in the collection.

The Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation & Fantasy
Houses over 1400 graphic novels and includes  The Osborne Collection of Early Children's Book

Library and Archives Canada
Great comics resources can be found at Library and Archives Canada! Plenty of publicly accessible electronic resources as well.

The Sidekick
Comic Book Store and Cafe
"The Sidekick is the perfect place to grab coffee and comics before work, or to spend an afternoon off reading or playing games."

The Beguiling
Toronto comics store and art gallery, well stocked with plenty of local comics and zines— and founders of The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF)!

Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library
Comics, book-objects, artist books, and manuscripts— new and rare—  available to view by request.

Comic Art Museum Brussels
Library houses what is probably the biggest collection of comic strips in the world. The reading room contains a selection of over 3,000 albums, translated into over 36 languages.

The Schulz Library at the Center for Cartoon Studies (Vermont)
Contains a large selection of contemporary graphic novels, zines, student and faculty work, out-of-print and rare collections of gag cartoons and classic newspaper strips— and much more!

 Toronto Public Library
Includes a great collection of comics that can be checked out! Browse here — or check out the selection in your local library's online catalogue!

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