Donor Recognition

This page is dedicated to our amazing supporters who have helped us get to where we are!


Amnon Buchbinder's Collection

Amnon Buchbinder passed away in November of 2019. Amnon's family have donated his private collection of comics and graphic novels to the library so that they could be shared with community members. Amnon was a filmmaker, author and professor of screenwriting at York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design. You can find a list of titles donated with a link to records for those catalogued so far here.

Friends and Family of Steven M. Bergson

Steven M. Bergson, Library and Information Professional and editor of The Jewish Comix Anthology, asked that his friends and family donate to the Canada Comics Open Library as a present for his birthday in 2019. Here we recognize those who carried out his wishes and wished him a happy birthday by supporting CCOL.

  • Debbie Bergson
  • Avis Nkansah
  • Shayna & Merrill Shulman
  • Roy and Ronna Birnboim

Patreon Supporters (past and present) + Website PayPal Donations

  • Stephan Goslinski
  • Jeff Clayton
  • Dave Howard
  • KaiJu
  • Rachel Evangeline Chiong
  • Wayne L.
  • Holly T.
  • montevarious
  • mumblethief
  • bunnyhero
  • Gomar Khomer
  • Wendy Browne
  • Teresa McCrimmon
  • Carmen Yu
  • Geoffroy M.
  • Prema Kapoor

Fundraising Campaigns

Join the Canada Comics Open Library to help us stay open and grow! | Crowdfundr 2023

Our third crowdfunding campaign can be found right over here. This campaign included perks for web recognition, which are reflected in the  list of donors below who have helped us raise funds for the next year! This campaign was 102% funded, the best we have ever done, and has filled us with encouragement. We have been lending out the collection since March 2023, and we are so thrilled to be able to continue to do so for the next year. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our unique library by sharing or contributing to this campaign and visiting CCOL in person 🙂

  • Jen Bolt
  • Stephen Plotkin
  • Josephine Liu
  • Jonathan Rotsztain
  • Elizabeth MacLeod
  • Candida Rifkind
  • Stephan Goslinski
  • Blaise Moritz
  • Marcia Iwasaki
  • Annie Koyama
  • Lisa Diamant
  • Mona McKee
  • B
  • Lizzie Haines
  • David Craig
  • Emile Compion
  • Tara-Michelle Ziniuk
  • Jamie Michaels
  • Karl Lagerfeld
  • Patrick Coyle
  • Julia Aelick
  • Rachel Chiong
  • Michel Vrana
  • Robb Mirsky
  • Brian Bolt
  • Jenn Woodall
  • Kat Dearham
  • Fiona Smyth
  • Noah Langer
  • Hailey Mullock
  • tina chu
  • Jib Jibs
  • jade armstrong
  • Marie Wilson
  • Alexandra Beige Blum
  • Pierre Glogger
  • Maya LeMaitre
  • Vicky Chung
  • Jess Sheridan
  • Conan Tobias
  • Kevin Evans
  • Jocelyn Oprzedek
  • Yasmin Emery
  • Cleopatria Peterson
  • Clara Lynas
  • Luke Humphris
  • Xiaoxiao Li
  • Jason Loo
  • Rhael McGregor
  • Andrea Nesbitt
  • Shivaun Hoad
  • Karyn Rowe
  • kelly k
  • Helen Chazan
  • Ehab Arafeh
  • Serena D'Souza
  • Stephanie Brennan
  • Josh Rosen
  • Brittanie Chandler
  • Kelli Babcock
  • Dean Aelick
  • Mat

Help Keep the Comics Library Open! | Indiegogo 2020

Our second crowdfunding campaign can be found here. Those perks which included web recognition are reflected here to recognize our generous contributors— we would not be where we are without you! From this campaign, we are able to rent our space for another YEAR and make our collection circulating so community members can take home comics! As of January 2020, we have been in our CSI Regent Park location for over 9 months!

  • Jen Bolt
  • Stephanie Braithwaite
  • Noa F. Bronstein
  • bunnyhero
  • Josh Cartwright
  • David Hunter Craig
  • Bo Doodley
  • Xyendra F
  • frojoe.21
  • Kate Johnson
  • Vincy Lim
  • Sylvia Nowak
  • Melanie Stevenson

Help Us Build Canada's Comics Library! | Indiegogo 2019

Our initial crowd funding campaign can be found here. Our wonderful backers chose between different funding/perk levels. Those perks which included web recognition are reflected here to celebrate them and to recognize their generous contributions. Their support helped us open our first branch in Toronto @ CSI Regent Park on March 13, 2019.

  • Margaret Atwood
  • Adi Diamant
  • Lisa Diamant
  • Keith Friedlander
  • Matthew Kirshenblatt
  • Annie Koyama
  • Loc Nguyen
  • Ruby Pajares
  • Jason Ries
  • Candida Rifkind
  • Michael Walsh

First Annual CCOL Calendar Fundraiser (2021)

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased a calendar!


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