Comics Out Loud 2020-2021

Application for Comics Out Loud

Posted: July 20th, 2020
Closing Date: December 31, 2020
Comics Out Loud (online read out loud events): Canada Comics Open Library
Timeline: 1-2 events per month from August 2020 - March 2021 inclusive
Location: Canada Comics Open Library, 585 Dundas St E, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Support: $310 per event per creator

Before submitting an application, please read over the following participation requirements to make sure you will be able to commit to events, as well as be sure to answer the questions included below. This project is open to those who reside in Ontario, Canada. Interested applicants that require more assistance or questions answered please email us at info@canadacomicsol.org.

The Canada Comics Open Library invites applications for comics read-out-loud events!

Project Description

5-10 online comics read-out-loud events, prioritizing creators of marginalized genders and BIPOC creators. 14 Ontario comics creators from a wide range of genres will read from their work, followed by a short talk. Each selected creator will participate in 1 event, and up to 3 creators participate in each event.

Comics Out Loud Events

Definition of online reading/presentations for events: A creator reading out loud from their comic by describing the pages and story, such as scenery, dialogue, and movement. This can include a slideshow presentation with images. Readings will be 15-30 minutes. Events will also include a mini presentation where the creator can provide context for the comic selected and share a bit about their work process (10-30 minutes). There will also be time for an audience Q&A. Timing may be moderated to ensure the event runs on schedule.

Event Timing Breakdown

Task Single Creator Event Timing Multi-Creator Event Timing (Per Creator)
Reading out loud from comic and describing panels with images in slideshow presentation 20-30 minutes 15-25 minutes
Mini presentation providing context of comic and work process 10-30 minutes 10-30 minutes
Audience Q and A 10-15 minutes 10-15 minutes

Other Event Information

All events will be free to attend, and with the permission of participating creators, events will be shared permanently on our YouTube channel, with captions added. We aim to upload the videos to YouTube within 2 weeks after each event.

Through these events, we are hoping to create accessible and unique opportunities for people to engage with comics (alongside traditional readership). Creators will gain further experience talking about and presenting their work in an online presentation setting. We are also hoping to connect blind and visually impaired comics readers with comics and community through these read-out-loud events.

* We are also aiming to ensure that at least 30% of participating creators present comics for youth (ages 9-18), which are age-appropriate.

Presentations will be conducted through Zoom. If you are not familiar with Zoom, we can assist with the setup of the software in advance of the event.


We intend that this project will benefit community members by providing accessible opportunities to engage with art and literature and learn more about comics!

  • Creators must have published 2 or more titles, or include samples of soon to be published work. We consider webcomics, such as comics serialized on Instagram or another website, as examples of published titles.
  • We will acknowledge self-published works, including zines, in our consideration of creators to make space for up-and-coming creators who may be underrepresented in traditional media or lack access to mainstream publication venues.
  • Creators who make wordless narratives can also participate by narrating their work to the audience.
  • Creators must read from a comic they have created or co-created. We encourage writers to apply with their artist co-creators (each creator will be paid in full). If creators have co-created a comic and will be presenting it alone, they must have permission from their other co-creators to present the work.
  • All applicants must be available to participate online though Zoom, and will be provided with secure access. If possible and safe, we may consider hosting events at the library next year. However, due to COVID19, we have decided to move this project completely online.       


  1. An artist talk and presentation of chosen work through an online reading, with follow-up Q&A period (via questions sent individually from participants through a Q&A chat box). Creators need not present a full comic, just a selection of their choice  and a short introduction providing context. Creators may read a full comic as long as it can be presented within 30 minutes.
  2. Each presenter must consider:
    1. Describing their sequential art in an accessible way, rather than just reading the dialogue. We can help provide feedback about this!
    2. Creating a slideshow with select images or pages from comics being presented.
    3. Do not rely on the audience being able to read and see the work being shared; describe the work as if the audience cannot see what is being presented; think of what imagery is key to the story without over describing the background details.


Artist presentation fees per half day, for under 4 hours = $310 for each creator.

Remuneration Schedule

  • Half payment one day before event and half payment following the event upon completion: $155 + $155 = $310 
  • If a creator is paid and unable to deliver the work as described above on the chosen date for any reason, the reading will be rescheduled upon discussing with the creator when they are next available. If we are unable to reschedule the event within 6 months, the $155 artist payment must be reimbursed to CCOL.

About the Hosts

The Canada Comics Open Library (CCOL) is a registered non-profit organization that aims to be an inclusive, educational, and recreational public space for comics and graphic novels while showcasing the work of Canadian creators and supporting comics communities. We define Canadian creators as those who have lived or worked within the boundary of the land referred to as Canada. This is to acknowledge that not all creators in Canada necessarily identify as being Canadian.

CCOL aims to fill a hole in the current cultural landscape with regards to comics accessibility. We hope to broadly promote the medium and creators through developing meaningful partnerships and a diverse collection. We work with various creators and comics-related communities in Canada to promote accessibility to and recognition of the Canadian comics scene. We also want to be a part of increasing representation of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and marginalized comics creators, stories, and art.

The Canada Comics Open Library is located at CSI (The Centre for Social Innovation) Regent Park on the third floor of the Daniels Spectrum Building (585 Dundas St. East). For more information, visit our website Contact page.

Accessibility Information

The Daniels Spectrum Building, library, and the lounge area at CSI is fully wheelchair accessible. However, we are closed due to COVID19 and the library space will be inaccessible for this project.

Online events will be held on Zoom, with security features enabled including: auto-muting and automatic video removal of attendees outside of the guest/host on entry; a waiting room and password; no public chat; a monitored Q&A box.

Application Submission

To complete the application, please fill in the following survey and email to info@canadacomicsol.org. Or, fill out the questions directly on this Google form. Please include in the subject line: “Comics Out Loud Application”. A CV is not required for this application. 

  1. Full preferred name for publication and display
  2. Pronouns
  3. Description of the creator’s work
  4. Links or access to samples of creative work (social media, website, online portfolio, etc.), or reference zines or publications that have featured creative work. Self-published works are welcome.
  5. Please choose at least 3 months in order of preference for the presentation. We can coordinate up to 2 online events each month.
    1. The following months are available for placements in 2020: September, October, November, December; and in 2021: January, February, March.
  6. Please list the comic work to be performed.
  7. Please indicate whether there is a preference for presenting with another comics creator (sharing the event), or presenting alone. Each creator will have slightly less time if they are sharing the event with another comics creator.
  8. Optional:
    1. Please indicate if you are a member of one or more of the following priority groups: 2SLGBTQIAP creators, creators of marginalized genders, and BIPOC creators.
    2. This information is important for helping us understand how effective our outreach is and whether we are able to meet our organizational goals. It is also important for us to know these demographics for when we submit final project reports, and understand areas where we might need to improve. Individual applicants’ personal information will not be publicly shared. 
  9. Please add any other relevant experiences that should be included in the application. (I.e. have you previously presented your work, participated in literary readings, meetups, etc? Why would you like to take part in Comics Out Loud? (0-300 words)

CCOL admin will contact creators regarding the status of their application within 60 days of its submission. Selected applicants should be available to discuss the details of these events shortly afterwards. The CCOL will keep all applications on file for a period of one year for future opportunities. The CCOL will carefully consider all applications, and will do their best to select fair and inclusive representation from those who apply. 

Thank you!

Project Administrator: Rotem Anna Diamant

Selection Committee Members: Folarin Agbaje, Rotem Anna Diamant, Ardo Omer, Irene Velentzas



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