The Canada Comics Open Library (CCOL) is a registered non-profit organization that aims to be an inclusive, educational and recreational public space for showcasing the work of Canadian comic artists and supporting comics communities. We are trying to help fill a hole in the current cultural landscape with regards to comics accessibility. We hope to broadly promote the medium and creators through developing partnerships and working with various Toronto artists and comics-related communities. We also want to be a part of increasing representation of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and marginalized comics creators online.


We are building a diverse and inclusive collection using a unique cataloguing and display system.

We are working with open source software, a malleable cataloguing and call number system, mindful subject displays with book facings to promote intersectionality, and knowledgeable reference services. We hope, through mindful open principles, to maintain a browsable and accessible comics collection.

We are working towards building a collaborative community spaceĀ  where anyone from any age or background can engage with comics and comics resources. We hope to be a centre for comics collaboration in Canada through arts events, instructional workshops, panel talks, and artist talks.

We are currently working on obtaining a flagship location in Toronto. Our long-term goal is to build a nation-wide comics library system.


At CCOL, we view comics as a medium, rather than a genre. As such, our library collection will be organized along lines which reflect its true narrative and stylistic diversity, ranging from such significant areas as queer-comics, life-narratives, mental health, and intersectional works, to the explorations of the historical, fantastical and the speculative.

CCOL will also help promote Canadian artists on a local and global level through public outreach including our website and social media platforms. We are currently working on an online database for Canadian cartoonists!

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