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Panel One
"A collective of comics creators, from all disciplines and all career stages, working together to put a spotlight on local, original work."

Graphic History Collective
GHC is a group of activists, artists, writers, and researchers passionate about comics, history and social change.

A non-profit comics organization based in British Columbia

Canadian Comic Jams
A list of of jams (people getting together to draw comics!) by province
Icon made by member of Toronto Comics Jam: Robb Mirsky 

Vancouver Comic Jam
The Vancouver Comic Jam is generally held the third Saturday of the month, starting at 8pm at the 12 Kings Pub 395 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC. In cases of long weekends or other conflicting dates, the jam may move to the 2nd or 4th Saturday. For up to date information, join the VCJ Facebook group or follow us on Twitter.


Call Out Comics
"Free, black and white newspaper featuring fierce work that challenges people, ideas, pet-peeves and/or attempts to hold someone/something accountable for their words/actions."

 Queen's Comic Book Legion
"was an AMS ratified club at Queen's University in Kingston, ON Canada. We partake in a variety of activities related to comic books and the illustrated story medium. The club combines both discussion about the medium as well as creation of our own characters, stories and strips. Our club strives to create an open and inviting atmosphere for members to discuss the ever growing medium of comic books. We hold weekly meetings on campus which are open to anyone in the Kingston community! Come out to discuss and/or create comics with us! Our members are kind and welcoming and pleased to provide a comfortable environment for readers of all levels."

DIY Comics School (Toronto)
Meets the first Monday of most months with the goal of working together to provide a continuing comics education. Each month a different member of the community takes the roll of "Dean of the Month" and facilitates that month's session.  Meetings take place at the Canada Comics Open Library. Open to everyone and anyone interested in creating comics! To join in on discussions and keep up-to-date about upcoming meetings, join Ontario Comics Clubhouse Discord (link below).

Ontario Comics Clubhouse Discord
An online comics community and discussion forum created by the DIY Comics School

Coming Soon Comics
“Comics on the theme of “a world without police and prisons.” Shared on Instagram.

Ad Astra Comix
"The panel is political". Founded in 2013 by Nicole Marie Burton, Ad Astra Comix is run as a non-hierarchical collective and publisher specializing in comic books with social justice themes


Kwentong Bayan ("community stories")
"A collective of two Toronto-based artists, Althea Balmes and Jo SiMalaya Alcampo. Their artistic mandate is to explore a critical and intersectional approach to community-based art, labour, and education." Illustration by Althea Balmes.


The Secret Shop
"A collective of friends from around the world and a variety of professional backgrounds, seeking to help and support one another to create and share our comics and stories!"

Webcomic Library Discord
Virtual community events hosted by Webcomic Library. Visit their Twitter and DM for admission info.

Hello Boyfriend
"Hello Boyfriend is a fresh comics collective from Ontario consisting of five pretty rad pals. They are: Jesse Denobrega & Victor Martins & Christine Wong & Jade Armstrong & Keelin"

Wavering Line Collective
"Wavering Line Collective puts out a bi-annual magazine of comics and illustration. It features work from the collective and invited artists for the issue. There have been six issues published since the fall of 2016. Wavering Line magazine is sold online, as well as at The Beguiling (Toronto, ON), Lucky's Comics (Vancouver, BC), and Drawn and Quarterly (Montreal, QC)."

Crow and Moon Press
"Built on the principals of "Action & Sincerity", Crow And Moon Press create and publish mysterious handbound zines, super-cute handmade dolls & brooches, lo-fi cassettes, and unsettlingly beautiful giclée art prints. The dyad release small-batch runs for all of their work, covering a wide range of topics: women's history, self identity, mental health, queer culture, magic reclamation, visual art, subversiveness, forbidden science, and the human condition."

Love Love Hill
Collective of comic makers, self-publishing anthologies of comics, short stories, art zines, and minis

Carpos Collective
"CarpOs is an art collective initiated in 2017 by Shirls, Julia, and Joyce. We share a love of creating art and stories, and showcase paintings, sculptures, illustrations, zines, and a variety of merchandise. We are proud of our diverse and unique members, who all come from varying backgrounds, beliefs, and world views. We aim to create a healthy space for open conversation with our work amongst our respective communities, and celebrate the narrative of these differences working together. "

Friendship Edition
Comics collective based in Toronto, Ontario

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