We are currently looking for volunteers to help out with events, social media, leading maker workshops, and other various activities as we grow! In the future, the following volunteer roles will be needed and enormously appreciated:

  • Want to write about Canadian comics for our blog?
  • Are you an artist and/or writer who would like to lead comics workshops or host drawing nights?
  • Suggest resources for the website and inform CCOL of Canadian comics events
  • Check links in the Canadian Cartoonists Database to make sure they are up to date
  • Organize library collection and create displays to showcase relevant subject areas
  • Public outreach, answering emails
  • Comics librarians; cataloguing, reference services, awesome comics knowledge
  • Circulation and reference services on location; member signup, checking items in and out, reference questions, speaking with the public about comics! Reading all the comics!
  • Donations; receiving, pickup
  • Editing; copy editing, grant proposals etc.

Please contact us and tell us why you are interested in helping out, or if you have another idea for a way you could contribute! Please note that you must be 16 or older to volunteer.

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