Calendar Fundraiser 2021

First Annual CCOL Calendar Fundraiser!

In 2021, we held our First Annual Canada Comics Open Library Calendar Fundraiser!

Our calendars featured 12-months of beautiful original art created by the following artists: 

Joe Ollmann, Ho Che Anderson, Christopher Green (mumblethief), Georgia Webber, Tory Woollcott, Ramón Pérez, Jason Lapidus, Ginette Lapalme, Montevarious, Scott Chantler, Jordan Aelick, Fiona Smyth 

Calendars remain available for purchasing as keepsakes 🙂

Funds raised through the sale of calendars will help Canada Comics Open Library with operating costs for the upcoming year, including rent for our library space, purchasing library supplies, and paying artists to participate in library projects and events.

We want to thank all artists who generously contributed to the calendar this year. A big thank you to Irene Velentzas for organizing this calendar fundraiser! And thank you as well to everyone who has shared the project, visited the library, and shown us support.

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Purchase Calendars

Number of Calendars

You can purchase using the “buy now” button here! This will take you to a secure page where you can order your calendar through Paypal.

Calendars are $15 CAD, or $10 CAD each for two or more.


Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery depending on your location (+ possible variations in delivery time due to COVID-19). Be sure to input the correct information for the shipping address!

Current shipping rates are $15-$25 and will be generated in paypal!

JUNE Ramón Pérez
JUNE Ramón Pérez Print Colour print on 100 lb paper 11 x 14 inches Minimum Opening Bid set at: $20
CCOL 2021 Calendar index
DECEMBER Fiona Smyth
DECEMBER Fiona Smyth Print Colour Print on 100 lb paper 11 x 14 inches Minimum Opening Bid set at: $20
OCTOBER Scott Chantler
OCTOBER Scott Chantler
CCOL Calendar Launch Event Poster 1_web

Auction of Original Calendar Art!

Coinciding with the sale of our calendars, we were beyond thrilled to host an auction of all 12 original art pieces created for the calendar. All art pieces that were up for auction are featured below as well as on our Instagram feed!

The auction took place on The Canada Comics Open Library’s Instagram, beginning on November 5th at 7pm Eastern Time (ET) running until November 6th 11:59pm (ET). 

Calendar Launch & Auction on Instagram Live!

The Canada Comics Open Library also hosted an Instagram Live event on November 5th starting at 7pm Eastern Time (ET) where people could tune in to our Instagram Live channel to watch artists speak about their work and their piece of art as guests on CCOL’s Instagram Live!

Calendar Artwork Auction_web

Auction Guidelines (past)

  1. On November 5th beginning at 7 pm Eastern Time (ET), tune into our Instagram account @canadacomicsol (or over here: https://www.instagram.com/canadacomicsol/ )
  2. On November 5th beginning at 7 pm Eastern Time (ET), comment DIRECTLY on the post with the artwork you would like to bid on with your bid amount in Candian dollars. You will have until November 6th 11:59 pm (ET) to get in your final bid in the comments!
    1. If you do not have an Instagram account, you can alternatively email your bid to info@canadacomicsol.org from November 5th beginning at 7 pm Eastern Time (ET) to November 6th 11:59 pm (ET).
    2. Following a regular auction format, each bid placed in the comments should be higher than the last.
  3. Opening bids for original art start at $100, and for prints start at $20
  4. Scroll down to view the set opening bids for original art as well as other details about artwork such as measurements and mediums.
  5. At the end of the auction, the HIGHEST BID will be declared the winner for each art piece!
  6. We will contact all winners to follow up on payment and shipping details. Shipping costs for auction art will be: $15 to Canada, $20 to the US, and $40 overseas 
  7. Make sure to tune in to our Instagram from November 2nd leading up to the auction to view posts featuring the artwork up for auction in the days leading up to the event. The comments on these posts will be disabled until the auction begins on November 5th at 7 pm Eastern Time (ET)!
  8. Please note whether you are bidding on original art vs. printed digital art. This will be highlighted in the artwork description in each Instagram post to avoid any misunderstandings.

Code of Conduct

  • Please do not bid on an artwork unless you intend to pay for the artwork.
  • In the event that the winning bidder does not respond to us and pay their bid within 5 days of us contacting them, they forfeit their bid, and we will contact the next highest bidder as the new winner.
  • We will not tolerate hateful comments on our Instagram. We will block those who use this event as an opportunity to spread hatred.

Auction Items


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