Hi Everyone! Taanishi!

My name is Rhael and I’m April’s resident comic maker! I’m a comic artist and animator working in Toronto, and I’m originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba! (You should check out our awesome comic scene in the prairies!)

I wanted to give a quick run down of all the books I recommended on the CCOL bookcase! I have all the information and descriptions available in person when you visit but I didn’t have enough space to share my feelings on each one and why I recommended them! I hope you’ll all check these books out as they’re made by some pretty awesome people!

Top Shelf – My Works

Earth Angel – I made this comic from concept to final product in one month with some awesome help from Jesse Barbon on colours during the start of the pandemic!

Ghost Bros – I had an amazing time working on this project with H-P, What’s not to love about two dudes going ghost hunting and a little hand holding?

Small Big Gay – Hopefully sometime soon I’ll do Volume 3 but it’s a collection of comics around my life as a Queer / Two-Spirit person!

When I Was Me Anthology – I had the wonderful opportunity to make a comic about NB pet-names for this anthology full of comics from so many amazing creators!

Tinder – This comic still holds a lot of dearness to my heart today, and while their story will not be coming back- I can promise you more stories about Witches in the future!

Speed Date – My first attempt at a choose-your-own-adventure, so much fun to make I’d love to do it again!

Counting Sheep – My first attempt at adding dialogue to a comic, I learned so much from this comic!

Top Middle Shelf – Indigenous Works

Moonshot – A great anthology full of awesome stories! There’s 3 volumes in total!

Louis Riel – It’s not often I see comics about Métis history, I loved learning more about Riel through this book- especially so since I’m named after him!

Modern Spirit Journey – Alice is super talented and I really love their use of visuals to communicate non-verbally the feeling of finding and reconnecting with yourself as an indigenous person!

La Voz De M.A.Y.O: Tata Rambo – Henry is awesome and I really loved learning more about his family’s history and involvement in M.A.Y.O!

A Girl Called Echo – I remember when I saw the announcement for this book on twitter, I never thought I would see Métis story leads in a comic- Fills my heart up with joy!

This Place – Another awesome anthology- I lose the concept of 150 years reimagined through a post apocalyptic lense!

Lower Middle Shelf – LGBTQ2S+ Works

Bloom – A cute feel good story with amazing art! As a former baker, it was fun to read through!

The Witch Boy – I really love comics made for kids that explain different identities and worldviews- especially through fantasy and sci fi! Makes me wish I had grown up with comics like these- maybe I could have understood myself sooner!

My Brother’s Husband – I really love the relationships in this book and the learning and unlearning the father does during his healing. A really heartwarming book!

Heartstopper – Extremely sweet highschool romance (and available to read online for free!!). This Friday (22nd) It has a Netflix TV adaptation coming out!

Nimona – While not queer focused, it’s created by a queer creator, is a super endearing story, and has a movie coming out!

Prince and the Dressmaker – I absolutely adore this book, Jen’s art is stunning and I remember this comic from back wen it was a concept on tumblr!

Gender Slices – Jey’s work is super great- I remember reading this comic on tapas and was super surprised to end up as their table partner for TCAF 2019 where I had to pick up a copy!

Check Please! – This was the first webcomic I started reading and kept up with religiously- awesome book, awesome art, Ngozi is amazing!

Lower Shelf – Zines

Indigeneity In Comics – I love Cole’s work and this is a great start out comic for anyone wanting to learn more about Indigenous rep in media!

I Don’t Want Moths – I love Jade’s work here! I used to read Jade’s work back when I was just an animation school hopeful and it’s amazing to see their new book out now ‘Scout is Not a Band Kid’!

The Devil Haunts Us – Vincy’s work is stunning, I’m always in awe of their page composition and how vulnerable they can be with their stories!

Sweet Rock – I remember seeing this comic on tumblr and falling for the simple storylines with such satisfying endings! It definitely was an inspiration when I started making my own short comics!

Creeks – I had to recommend another of Alice’s works as I’ve always been in awe of Alice’s use of colour and illustration skills and they’re on full display in this zine!

MHA Comics Collection – I love Zoé’s work and I wanted to include a fancomic zine because fancomics is where I got my beginnings and while some may brush them aside because they’re not original characters- I think they’re really important in getting a lot of comics folks started and also connecting folks!

DEMI – My friend Emma gave this to me and I absolutely love this comic. As someone demi myself- It was really nice to see and feel heard in my experiences!

KUTIS – I picked this up at TCAF 2021 and I think it’s super great! The author goes into discussion about skin whitening, beauty standards, and how that’s effected themselves and the people they love.

Apologetically Black – I love Abelle’s work! I love the way they did their printing in this zine and also love the concept!

Meta Morphoses – Autumn is another awesome Winnipeg artist/author! I really love their panel composition and retelling of different greek stories!


Thanks for reading!
I hope you’ll check these books out and help support the awesome artists!

Thank you! Maarsii!


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